Dear fans and friends of the Fischereihafen-Rennen / Fishtown Race,

just before Christmas, we’d rather have a very different message for you. But unfortunately we have to announce with a heavy heart that there will be no Fischereihafen-Rennen in 2020.

This is a pity for many reasons, especially as we had already taken the first hurdle – the granting of the track license. Unfortunately, we did not manage to clear the second one: the search for an investor.

As you know, the financial risk of hosting the Fischereihafen-Rennen has been increasing over the years. As a family, we can no longer bear this risk alone.

For this reason, we have searched intensively and were in promising negotiations with an investor who could potentially have put the race on a secure financial basis in the longer term.

Unfortunately, these talks have not come to a successful conclusion after all. As the time for a new search for 2020 is too short, we cannot help but cancel the race.

You can surely imagine that this cancellation is not easy for us. The great tradition of the „Fishtown TT“ and the many people who love and support it have always given us the strength to continue.

As long as the current DMSB license is valid (i.e. until 2021), we will keep looking for ways to not only continue this great racing tradition in the short term, but to make it viable in the long run. However, we have not yet found a solution, despite intensive efforts.

With sadness but also gratitude for the many great races we have already experienced thanks to drivers, fans and supporters of the Fischereihafen-Rennen, we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

Hinni, Kenny and the Fishtown crew